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General FAQs

Foreign exchange cannot be released for travel to Nepal or Bhutan as Indian Rupees (denominations of 100 and below only) and credit cards can be freely taken and used in these two countries

A maximum of US$ 2,000 or its equivalent for travel to most countries.
For travel to Iraq or Libya upto US$ 5,000 or equivalent can be released in CN.
For travel to Iran, Russia and CIS countries) the entire entitlement can be released in the form of currency notes ( List of Commonwealth of Independent States :

Yes, children and infants can avail the full quota of US$ 10,000 or equivalent in a financial year ( 1 Apr. to 31st March) . If either parent is accompanying the child, the forex exceeding US$ 2,000 or eqv. can be issued in TCs in either parent’s name and an endorsement made in the child’s passport to this effect

Foreign exchange for travel related purposes can be released upto 60 days prior to the date of travel.

Payment for foreign exchange purchased can be accepted in cash upto Rs 50,000 only.If the value of forex purchased exceeds Rs 50,000 the entire value has to be paid by way of a Demand Draft favouring M/s India Cements Capital Ltd. If there is sufficient time of 3 clear working days prior to departure a cheque can be accepted subject to realization

Forex in any form can be retained upto US$ 2,000 without any time limit. The amount exceeding US$ 2,000 has to be surrendered to an outlet of M/s India Cements Capital within 90 days if it is in the form of Currency Notes and within 180 days if it is in any other form. Unspent forex can be used for subsequent trips, provided the travel happens within the above time limits

RBI has granted general permission to any person to bring in foreign currency without any limit into India. However, if the amount exceeds the figures mentioned below you will need to declare it at the Customs at the point of arrival and obtain a Customs Declaration Form (CDF). This CDF will have to produced and be endorsed at the time of encashing the foreign exchange.
CDF should be obtained when (A) the Currency Notes component exceeds US$ 5,000 or equivalent. (B) The TCs component exceeds US$ 10,000 or equivalent

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